Grembowicz Farm

_N3A1726 (1)We are a small family farm located in North Clarendon, Vermont. The farm was established in 1946 as a dairy farm. The farm was operated as a dairy farm for three generations, until October 2005, when the dairy portion of the business was sold. It was then that we accelerated in the grain farming industry. As the fourth generation of the farm family, now cropping 600 acres, we have transitioned into a diversified grain farm of the northeast.

We not only grow grains such as corn, soybeans, and wheat, but also produce grass hay for horse and cattle feed. A typical grain farm of the mid-west, markets their grain through local elevators and to feed mills. In the northeast, however there seems to be a bit of a different market. Though we do sell to local feed mills, we have also learned there is another great need for corn. Fuel! Who would have thought, burning corn to heat houses? The northeast is known for its long, cold winters. What better way to stay warm than with a clean, renewable resource. We grow it, harvest it, package it and sell it, right here on the home farm. And it’s all done with a local family farm attitude.